LiveFit it is not just about fitness but it's a life style transformation. It is all one-on-one training tailored to you. We offer unprecedented services, with the most innovating fitness approaches to restore wellness and balance between the body and mind.  We have fitness programs from weight loss, increased strength, improved cardio capacity, as well as offer boxing and mixed martial arts and sport specific training. All programs deliver the most progressive and innovate techniques, while helping you reach your goals. Youth programs, and elderly classes on the treatment and restoration of wellness are also available. 


We provide our clients with a personalized and tailored experience in fitness. You will quickly find we are not a typical health club or a gym. We provide training services in a private to semi-private setting in a non-intimidating, and highly motivating  environment.  Our training focus is on functional and integrated training, working our bodies the way that we use them. This means working large and small muscle groups alike, moving multiple joints through full ranges of motion, and constantly emphasizing stability and body control.  We teach wellness is a lifestyle.


About the Studio

LIVE FIT is all about personalization, we take pride in guaranteeing results. Your goals become ours and we will never fail you. ​​